User Interface and User Guides

WP 4.4: User Interface and User Guides

For maximum flexibility and efficiency in the development of the algorithms, we will deliver image reconstruction methods implemented in various high level languages with a common command line interface and using common formats for input and output files. The first task of this sub-work-package is to study and specify this low level interface for driving the algorithms.

The second task is the development of a high level graphical user interface (GUI) applying the specifications of the simplified interface to at least one of the algorithms (like the one developed at JMMC to wrap LITpro, a model fitting package). This GUI will allow the user to set the image reconstruction parameters, launch the reconstruction method and provide the user with feedback (a view of the reconstructed image(s), error bars, etc.).

Using their low level interface, it will be possible to write batch scripts for extensive tests of the image reconstruction methods (provided by WP4.3) on the different data sets (provided by WP4.2). These tests will be used to compare the different methods for the same inputs and for a number of realistic cases. Such comparisons and tests will also be exploited to derive general guidelines for reconstructing images given combination of instrument and scientific target (thus generalizing the work of Renard et al.  2011). Finally the GUI will be used to demonstrate the use of image reconstruction software on realistic interferometric data and to write cookbooks for the general user. The results of the tests and the cookbooks will be part of the deliverables.