JMMC - Service aux Utilisateurs du VLTI (SUV)

As a new service of the JMMC, the SUV (Service aux Utilisateurs du VLTI) provides a complete support to users of the 2nd generation VLTI instruments. This support consists of individualized assistance (FAQs, answer to questions, face-to-face meetings) that covers the preparation of observing proposals and observations, and the GRAVITY and MATISSE data reduction. It also includes assistance in the critical use of the JMMC model fitting and image reconstruction softwares.
The SUV is coordinated by the Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur (OCA) in Nice, with three other local nodes: 
A centralized helpdesk platform, hosted at OCA, collects all the user questions and requests for a face-to-face assistance in one of the four nodes. These questions and visit requests are then redirected to the relevant node.