The Future of Interferometry

The future of interferometry in Europe in the next decade will be addressed in the context of other European and worldwide ground infrastructures such as ALMA, E-ELT/TMT and SKA and space infrastructures such as the GAIA satellite as well as emerging optical interferometers in the USA such as the Large Binocular Telescope Interferometer, and the NPOI, CHARA and MROI arrays. This working group involves major players in optical interferometry as well as members from the community at large. This new working group builds on the scientific reports delivered by the previous working groups focused on circumstellar disks and planets and on the galactic centre and extragalactic science.

The working group is lead by Jorg-Uwe Pott (chair), Jean Surdej (co-chair).

Some of the group activities are:

  • 2016-12 Delivery of the "Future of optical-infrared Interferometry in Europe" report.
  • 2015-06 Joint organization of the "VLTI Community days" at EWASS 2015: web page available.
  • 2015-01 Participation in the "ESO in the 2020s" workshop, check-out Sebastian Hoenig (and others) talks.
  • 2014-01 Joint organization of the "VLTI Community days": web page available.
  • 2013-11 Feedback to the Astronet Science Vision and Infrastructure roadmap reviewed document.
  • 2013-09 Participation in the OHP International Colloquium "Improving the performances of current optical
  • interferometers and future designs".
  • 2013-07 WG public meeting, Special Session nº 7, entitled "Science with present and future interferometric instruments", during EWASS 2013 at Turku: web page available.
  • 2012-09 Solicitation for EII FIE working group members