2018 VLTI Interferometry School

9th VLTI Interferometer School, Lisbon, Portugal, 9th-14th July 2018


In 2018 the 9th VLTI Summer School was organised by the Portuguese VLTI Expertise Centre, the JMMC, the Eii and ESO. The school took place from the 9th to the 14th of July, in Lisbon, Portugal.

The school aimed to be very practical introducing the students to many tools commonly used in observation preparation and VLTI data reduction. The focus of the school will be GRAVITY instrument, but the MATISSE instrument and other instruments (AMBER, PIONIER) will also be referred. The school intended audience are PhD students, post-docs and seniors with little experience in optical interferometry. The number of students was around 40. At the end of the school the participants are expected to be capable of preparing a solid proposal for the VLTI and to reduce GRAVITY data. Although computers will be available, participants are encouraged to bring their laptop, to install software.