2013 VLTI Interferometry School

7th VLTI Interferometry School, Barcelonnette, Côte d'Azur, France, 9th-21st September 2013


With the advent of large and multi-telescope arrays in the recent years,interferometry has reached a new area. Interferometric facilities are becoming more and more open to non-specialist astronomers, and the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI) is a good example of a interferometric fully open facility.

We organize a summer school to train astrophysicists to the use of the VTLI and also other facilities with the current generations of instruments. The aim of the school is to offer to Ph.D. students, post-doctoral and permanent researchers and introduction to the technique of long-baseline optical/infrared stellar interferometry, data reduction, astrophysics, namely: stellar physics including the hot topics of stellar activity, evolution, hydrodynamics, star hosting planets, the determination of the fundamental parameters, circumstellar
envelopes, young stellar objects, as well as the role of binaries.

The school will be held in the heart of Alpine mountains in Barcelonnette, Côte d'Azur, France from 9th-21st September 2013. Barcelonnette is a typical alpine town, located in the heart of the Mercantour French National Park, with many possibilities of sportive and non-sportive activities like hiking, or wildlife discovery. The school will also be located at one throw of the Hypertelescope prototype under construction, which is a novel type of stellar interferometer (a visit is foreseen during the school).Please visit

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