2017 VLTI Wintery School & Community Days

3rd VLTI Winter School and Community Days, ESO, Germany,  6th-10th March 2017


The VLTI is currently going through the deployment of the second generation of its instruments, as well as necessary upgrades. Community days are a unique opportunity to get together and reflect on the present and think of the future. As we are ramping up operations again in 2016, as well as commissioning the Gravity instrument, performances seem up to the expectations.

VLTI is, and will remain for the next decades, the optical facility with the highest angular resolution. ESO will present the conclusion of the discussion to its Scientific Technical Committee (STC) for recommendation of the roadmap of VLTI. A wide participation will ensure that we discuss all possibilities and provide the tools for the most exciting future research to our community.

  • A small winter school will be held 6-8 March, for students and reseachers willing to familiarize themselves with the VLTI capabilities, how to prepare observations and reduced data (in particular GRAVITY).
  • The VLTI community days occur on 8-10 March.