Rules for Payment of Fizeau Mission

Once your Fizeau grant is awarded, you must inform us of your mission information (host, dates, etc.) at least one month before the mission is set to begin (the later you send us the information, the more costly the reservations will be). Please send us the travel form without filling in the "requested amount" part. Please note that mission dates provided on the travel form must be final.

The Fizeau project office will centrally book your travel (from the home institution city/country to the host institution city/country and back) and accommodation. It is impossible to reimburse the travel and accommodation costs to the researcher or home/host institution. Meals and local transportation (only work-related) may be refunded to the researcher if the allocated grant budget allows. 

Regarding travel/accommodation, we will try to accommodate your preferences when possible. You may identify a preferred flight (using, for example,, preferred travel times and/or preferred hotel (using, for example, We will then contact a travel agency which will provide a set of options for travel/accommodation, considering your preferences. Travel/ accommodation will only be booked once the researcher confirms all booking information (dates, times, etc.) is correct. The travel agency will then book your travel/accommodation and bill us directly. Please reserve your flights as soon as possible, as flight costs increase significantly when secured less than one month before departure.

To prepare your Fizeau mission, please send the following documentation as soon as possible to the emails identified in your initial award communication:

  1. Filled in Travel form (see above), dated and signed.
  2. Preferred travel times, flights, trains, hotel, etc.
  3. If reimbursement for meals and/or local transportation is desired (see above).

During your Fizeau mission, if you have asked for reimbursement for meals and/or local transportation, please consider the following:

  1. Meals reimbursement is only possible for food acquired at supermarkets, farmers' markets, restaurants, and cantinas.
  2. Receipts can only contain food-related items. Receipts containing other items, such as personal hygiene items, will not be accepted. If necessary, ask for separate receipts.
  3. Food receipts must be kept and sent to us after the mission is concluded (see below).
  4. Local transportation will only be reimbursed for work-related transportation.
  5. Each local transportation receipt must be accompanied by a simple explanation of its use (for example, transport from the hotel to the host institution).
  6. Receipts of local transportation must be kept and sent to us after the mission is concluded (see below).
  7. Reimbursement of tourist taxes at the hotel requires a particular procedure; please enquire with the project office. 

Once your Fizeau mission is complete, please send the following documentation to the emails used in our initial contact as soon as possible.

  1. Separately scanned receipts of eligible expenses (meals, local transport), if applicable, according to the above rules.
  2. Separately scanned boarding passes (if applicable).
  3. One-page report of the work done during the exchange visit, signed by the grantee. 
  4. Declaration of the host institution duly signed and dated, confirming the researcher's participation in the exchange visit.

Simultaneously, the following documentation:

Original receipts of eligible expenses (meals, local transport), if applicable, according to the rules provided above.
Original boarding passes (if applicable).

Must be sent via mail to the following address:

Paulo Garcia
Faculdade de Engenharia
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, s/n
4200-465 Porto

According to EU regulation, ineligible costs include:

  1. Bank transfer costs.
  2. Per diems.
  3. Lump sums.
  4. Km-indexed car transportation.
  5. VISA costs (including transportation to obtain it).
  6. Any insurance (personal, rental, travel, cancellation, etc.).
  7. Receipts issued from ORP beneficiaries (i.e., institutes participating in ORP either as a partner or as a third party).

If your mission takes place near the end of a calendar year, make sure that you inform us well in advance; fiscal year-end closing accounting procedures will probably not allow reimbursements.


If you have any questions concerning costs and/or the reimbursement of your expenses, please get in touch with the emails communicating the grant with the subject Fizeau Programme.