The Fizeau program regulations:

  1. Deadlines for applications
    • Yearly at May 15th and November 15th.
    • Exceptional calls might be issued.
  2. Conditions of exchange visit
    • Eligible candidates are researchers (PhD students to seniors) preferably from the EC, CC or associated countries;
    • Full set of application material should have be received at up to the day of the deadline (*);
    • The exchange visit should start 3 months after the deadline and end within 8 months of the application deadline;
    • The applications should use the application form.
  3. Application materials 
    • Application Form (1 page)
    • CV of applicant (1 page)
    • Intended technical/research/training plan for the exchange visit (1 page)
    • Invitation from the host institute
    • Support letter from the supervisor (for PhD students only)
    • Reports from previous exchanges funded by the Fizeau program.
  4. Selection
    • The selection committee is responsible for reviewing the applications submitted and ranking the proposals;
    • The selection committee is a collegial body, undertakes decisions by voting;
    • The present selection committee(**) members (see below)
    • The proposals are ranked according to merit, their compliment to Eii aims as well as applicant’s aims and capabilities. Priority will be given to PhD students and young postdocs. International visits will be preferred, national visits are not excluded;
    • Selection committee members must declare a conflict of interest before the selection process. If a strong conflict exists (e.g. they are directly involved in an application) they cannot participate in the selection process. If a weak conflict exists (e.g. close collaborator of an applicant in other projects) they cannot evaluate that application.
  5. Accepted applications are fully or partially financed, subject to eligibility rules. The total amount of funds allocated to one exchange may not exceed €1.500; A typical exchange duration is one month. Efforts to raise additional funds are encouraged.
  6. Publications based on this exchange program should acknowledge it with the text “The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement 101004719 (ORP).” 

(*) There have been reports of email sent to that is rejected; this is probably caused by Google marking your email as spam. Please check Google Bulk Sender Guidelines.

(**) During the 2009-2012 Period the selection committee members were: Josef Hron (Chair), Laszlo Mosoni (deputy), Chris Haniff, Andrzej Niedzielsky, Jean Surdej.


During the 2013-2016 Period the selection committee members were: Josef Hron (Chair), Laszlo Mosoni (deputy), Olivier Absil, Sebastiano Ligori, Andrzej Niedzielsky.
During the 2017-2020 Period the selection committee members were:Josef Hron (Chair), Péter Ábrahám (deputy), Jose C. Guirado, Alessandro Marconi, Sofia Ramstedt
Since 2021 the selection committee members are: Claudia Paladini (Chair), Alessandro Marconi, Jose C. Guirado, Krzysztof Hełminiak, Sara Bladh.